About me

Steven T. Marshall, CEO

My journey began October 28, 1971, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, my birthplace. In the early ’80s, my dad

moved the family to Jacksonville, North Carolina. I attended Bell Fork Elementary, Jacksonville Middle

School (now New Bridge Middle School) and graduated from Jacksonville High school in 1990. I am a

graduate of Fayetteville State University, where I received my Bachelors in Business Administration. In

2004 I married my soul mate and began my journey to become an Insurance Agent. We had our first

child in 2009.

In 2012, my father was diagnosed with cancer. Fortunately, he had a Cancer Policy. Had it been a heart

attack, my story I share with you would be totally different. The only insurance policy other than life

insurance he owned was a cancer policy. During his two-year battle with cancer, he was able to receive

payment due to his cancer policy of $50,000. The cancer policy allowed me the flexibility to take a two-

year leave of absence from work to care for my dad, as well as my mother, who has Multiple Sclerosis.

In March of 2014, I received a call from an angel sent from above. She had been working for Colonial Life

for 30 years. From my resume, she saw something in me during a challenging time in my life. This angel

offered me a job with Colonial Life. Something told me that I could use this opportunity as a tool to

protect not only my family but also help as many people as possible to protect their families. Three

months later, I lost my father. Having benefitted directly from the Cancer Policy, my mission now is to

assist others, with preparing for the unforeseen hurdles that life brings.

In 2014 I became a member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. In 2016 I was awarded

Ambassador of the Year. Now another chapter in my life begins. Through years of hard work, due

diligence, and many hours of thought, I have decided to create my own company; The Marshall Group!!

I genuinely hope that you will allow me to serve the needs of you, your family, and friends.

In the fall of 2018, hurricane Florence hit Jacksonville, North Carolina. In an already intense situation, I

suffered a stroke. I ended up being in the hospital for five days. I had to undergo months of physical

therapy. Things definitely could have been worse; however, a stroke is a stroke: not a mini-stroke, but a

full blown one. I am fortunate I did not suffer worse and did not sustain permanent damage. During my

time rehabilitating myself, I was unable to work for six months. The products that I offer to my clients

are also the products that I have for myself, and those same products paid me $18,000 on my road to

recovery. It made an already frightening time less stressful. I went back to work in March 2019 not

because I had to but because I chose to. The benefits allowed me to have control over the situation,

versus the situation being controlled by my bank account. In the past five years my family and I have

received $50,000 from my dad having cancer and four years later a little over $18,000 for me having the

stroke, which is around $70,000 that my insurance policies have paid out to my family and me.

Experience makes me an expert when it comes to my profession. No one can do for you what I can do

for you and your family if you give me a chance.


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