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Removing Obstacles

 As a business owner myself, I help other business owners, like you, with the challenges they’re facing in the workplace today; such as the retention of quality employees and the confusion around health care reform. With our portfolio of voluntary products, you can offer your employees the opportunity to help protect their income and their family’s standard of living at no direct cost to your company. Through payroll deduction, these benefits are more affordable than if they bought them on their own. We can help you set up a Section 125 plan that will save your company and your employee’s tax dollars on the premiums they pay for some benefits.

In our nearly 60 years of work site marketing, we have identified three events that have a significant financial impact on employees and employers. The first is the out of pocket expenses associated with a serious health issue. The second is when they have to take an extended period of time off from work as the result of an illness or injury in the family. The third is the permanent loss of income when the employee or their spouse dies unexpectedly.

My objective is to educate, organize and prepare you and your employees for the inevitable financial concerns you will face. Our program focuses on four areas to help protect you, your business and your employees: Cost Management, HR and Administrative Time Savings, Benefits Communication and Engagement, and Employee Financial Protection. 

-Steven T. Marshall, CEO

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